Welcome to UUSRF

If you seek a religious home in which wisdom, compassion and justice are the guiding principles, you have come to the right place! With members from throughout the St. Croix Valley, UUSRF is a welcoming, liberal, religious congregation that strives to nurture our community, to help our children learn, and to grow spiritually. We invite you to join us for a Sunday service. If you have children ages 2-13, they are welcome to visit our Spiritual Education program; classes begin shortly after the start of service. After service, join us for a cup of coffee, treats and conversation. Thank you for visiting!

Sunday Services: 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Spirtual Education classes: (September through May) 10:45 - 11:40 AM

Current Notices!! 

This Sunday,  October 5th 

Before Service:  Choir Rehearsal - 9:00 am  Membership Committee Meets 9:30 am

"Singing Meditation" 10:15 am -- All are Invited! Tune Up!!

This Weeks Service, 10:30 am

Sunday October 5, 10:30 am  "How then Shall We Worship"  -     Rev. Ted Tollefson - "Worship" is usually  defined as the adoration of a single agreed-upon God or God-image.  But among Unitarian Universalists, theological agreements are rare as hen's teeth.  How then shall we worship?  What does worship mean in our questioning community?  Workshop - 12 noon "Experiments in Worship"

Spiritual Education Classes start at 10:45  

Caterpillars  - "E is for Empathy" - Tonya,   Dragonflies/Eagles - "Sukkot" - Anna

 Spiritual Education Students and families. >> S.E. <<  Get familiar with your own page!   

After the Service - Workshop - "Experiments in Worship" at noon


Honey Sales - look for gift sizes and  Honey "Creme" is Here!

Prairie Star Honey

from the hives of UUSRF members in Pierce County 

at Services until supply is exhausted!